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Prof. dr. P. Groeneboom


Emeritus professor of Statistics at the Faculty EWI (Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science) of the University of Technology, Delft.
Member of DIAM (Delft Institute of Applied Mathematics) at Delft University.

Book with co-author Geurt Jongbloed (published December, 2014), see: Nonparametric Estimation under Shape Constraints
Review of the book in Mathematical Reviews of MathSciNet of the American Mathematical Society: review.
Annotations and corrections for the book are listed in Annotations for book.

The second part of my book "Information Bounds and Nonparametric Maximum Likelihood Estimation" (Birkhäuser, 1992) with co-author Jon Wellner is based on summer lectures I gave in Stanford in 1990.
The Stanford lectures are given here: Stanford lectures.

Lecture at JSM meeting on estimating the incubation time distribution, August 2021

Paper, corresponding to the JSM lecture (submitted)

Interview, Statistical Science, Volume 34, Number 1, 2019.

Recently, I became columnist of Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde
The columns are (so far):

The Netherlands in Times of Corona (in Dutch)
The Statistics Scene
Two cultures

Someone among my friends(?) brought an early version of my 4th column into circulation. I usually let my columns read by family and friends and incorporate their remarks. This time Leiden university and the interim rector of EUR both wrote reactions to my column, which can be read in the September issue of NAW.

Below their comments a link to my Homepage is given for a rejoinder to their comments. Here is my rejoinder:

I wrote the column because I considered the subject was of interest to the people who read it. Obviously it is! I said nothing that was not in the public domain, and made no personal assertions. It is difficult to write a personal column if it is to be shared for comment (wider than the editorial board) before publication. Fortunately NRC newspaper does not invite the ministry to write comments on Youp van 't Hek's columns, in defense of their valued members.

The column is about events reported in Mare 2021. The link to my column: En flagrant délit

On August 6 and 7, 2013, I delivered the Wald lectures at the Joint Statistical Meeting in Montreal:
Wald lecture 1
Wald lecture 2
A description of the content of these lectures can be found in the IMS bulletin: Wald Lectures