EVA 2017

10th Extreme Value Analysis Conference
TU Delft ⎯ June 26-30, 2017

Best Student Paper Award at EVA 2017

The Springer journal Extremes organizes a competition for Best Student Paper Award at EVA 2017 in Delft.
The Young researchers, defined as PhD students and those who recently (in 2014-2017) received a PhD degree, are encouraged to participate.
The corresponding author of the best paper will be awarded a prize of 500 EURO sponsored by Springer-Verlag with the option of publishing the paper in Extremes.

  • Submit an abstract via the website of EVA 2017 and indicate that you want to participate in this competition. In case of multi-authored papers: the prize will be awarded to the paper but the monetary amount will be given to the presenting author at EVA 2017.
  • Deadline for abstract submission: March 1, 2017.
  • The EVA Abstract Committee selects contributed talks from all abstracts submitted to EVA (not only from young researchers). The list of contributed speakers will be announced after 20 March, 2017.
  • If your abstract is selected for presentation and you want to compete for the prize: send the full paper (pdf file) corresponding to the abstract to mikosch@math.ku.dk before April 10, 2017. Notice: the paper may be published or submitted elsewhere. Together with the full paper, also provide some evidence that you are/have been a PhD student in 2014 -2017, e.g. an e-mail confirmation from your supervisor to mikosch@math.ku.dk.
  • The Prize Committee chooses the best 5-10 young researcher papers for presentation in special sessions at EVA on 26 or 27 June, 2017 and informs these authors about their selection. Members of the Prize Committee will attend these sessions.
  • After the special sessions, the Prize Committee selects and announces the winning paper. The prize will be awarded during the EVA 2017 week.

Thomas Mikosch, Editor-in-Chief of Extremes.


The following 9 candidates have been selected by a Committee from the Editorial Board of Extremes and are invited to present their paper at EVA as part of the competition for Best Student Paper Award: Belzille, Bisewski, B. Chen, Fondeville, He, Heiny, Kiriliouk, Seifert, and Wan P.
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