The state of the art

in the use of expert judgment in risk and decision analyses

3-5 July, Delft, The Netherlands

In a recent blog, Roger Cooke noted that the expert judgement in risk analyses was becoming mainstream. Implicit use of expert judgement has always been present in any analysis, if only in selecting the data, models and analytic methods to use. But it is now common to use panels of experts to provide judgement of key uncertainties when there are few relevant data. Now in its fourth year, the COST Network (Action IS1304) on "Expert Judgment: Bridging the Gap Between Scientific Uncertainty and Evidence-Based Decision Making" has surveyed the use of expert judgement in many risk domains.

So we believe that it is timely to reflect on and pull together many perspectives on the theory, methods and practice of drawing judgements from panels of experts in assessing risks and taking decisions in complex circumstances.

The conference will take place at the Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands from Monday 3rd July to Wednesday 5th July, 2017. It will include keynote papers, contributed sessions, discussions and poster sessions. We intend that a selection of the papers and the conclusions of our discussions will be published in the conference proceedings. Simon French, Tina Nane and Anca Hanea are the editors.

If you are interested in attending the conference, please email both Tina Nane ( and Simon French (